I'm a quick and intuitive video editor and have used Final Cut Pro and iMovie to produce clips and edits. Below are a couple of my best.

Max Verstappen

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The Red Bull Junior Team programme have historically promoted the freshest talents on the F1 grid, and Max Verstappen is the most significant. The news that he would break the record as F1's youngest-ever driver with a seat at Scuderia Toro Rosso broke quickly, and as the motorsports team needed a video urgently I agreed to edit the raw news interview footage with the available stills for the PR and wrote some editorial captions for background to his quotes, packaged into a snappy sub-three-minute clip. Verstappen obviously had a sense of fun and would likely be an entertaining addition to F1, so I also took one of the outtakes, where he joked about and then broke down laughing, and added it to the end of the clip after a stock ‘white noise’ clip. The whole process took only a couple of hours and the video was quickly approved.

Red Bull Cliff Diving

Image © Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool

Watch video here: Does this cliff diver look sick to you?


Though there’s an official Red Bull Cliff Diving website, have always covered the World Series as part of their offering to people who consume different types of action sports content, with a different editorial angle. As this fell into my area for content creation I produced bespoke ‘winning dive’ videos and accompanying story content from events. The angle not covered in one of Jonathan Parades’s wins, in Bosnia, was that he’d been violently ill just before the event with food poisoning. I thought it would be fun to intercut the final dive itself with interview footage about this and add some drama and suspense to it all, with the win as pay-off. The accompanying story and its headline also reflected this approach.