It won’t surprise you to learn that one of my great passions is the Austin Maxi, of which I’m a lifelong devotee. I joined the owners’ club as a teenager and finally became an owner in 2011. I fulfilled another long-term ambition when I became editor of Maximise, the club magazine, in 2015. The results in the past five years are among my proudest achievements.


My editorship coincided with a change to higher-quality, part-colour printing at a new supplier. It gave me a chance to reinvent the magazine, replacing collective photocopies of Word documents with fully packaged publishing (first in Scribus, then Adobe InDesign, now Affinity Publisher). Within a few days I’d created a new masthead and complete design template based on the look of commercial classic car magazines.

After five years, as of 2020 I decided to give the magazine a whole new look that still reflects the classic motoring press but also other lifestyle magazines in style and layout. You can see pages from the first issue below.


I also put my own editorial stamp on the content as a contributor and managing editor, with a consistent style and high standard of copy-editing and proofreading. I continue to flatplan, design, lay out, write, edit and polish the whole magazine single-handed each quarter. I also produce the print-ready PDFs for the printers.

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Maximise – The Power of 2

Pages from Maximise feature 'The Power of 2'