As an F1 fan looking for a career switch, I was lucky enough to work on the original Red Bulletin F1 magazine, which was produced, printed and handed out right by the F1 paddock, usually before anyone had even left the track. As the sub-editor on hand, I had to be red-hot on the editing. I also got to write features such as the one shown below. Nominally called ‘Bulls & Bears’, this feature strand took an F1-related news story and expanded it into a humorous listicle with similar examples from the celebrity world in general that had widespread appeal. One such piece made the end-of-season yearbook too.


I later worked on the lifestyle edition of the magazine.

Screenshot 2019-12-12 at 21.36.53.png

I've also worked for Autosport, subbing, fact-checking and writing headlines for content across the spectrum of British motorsport.

See the separate page on the website for details of Maximise, the Austin Maxi Owners Club magazine that I design, edit and produce for print every quarter.